DiverseCity Counts 3

A Snapshot of Diverse Leadership in the GTA

In 2011, A Snapshot of Diverse Leadership in the GTA focused on Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham and Richmond Hill and found that 14.5% of leaders in the GTA were visible minorities (relative to 49.5% of the population studied), which is an overall increase of eight percent from 13.4 per cent in 2009.
The study also shows that year after year government agencies, boards and commissions (22%) and the education sector (20%) have consistently out-performed other sectors. Elected officials are the third most diverse group of leaders at 19% and the corporate sector has remained the least diverse at 4.2%.

This report also took a unique look at the legal sector. Lawyers and judges are important decision makers who shape the laws that act as a foundation for a democratic society. In addition, lawyers often become leaders in other areas, such as in elected office – in fact, 73 per cent of Canadian Prime Ministers were practising lawyers.

The study finds that just 6.8 per cent of leaders (judges, governing bodies and law school leaders and law partners and crown attorneys) in the GTA legal sector are visible minorities compared to 14.4 per cent of a talent pool of practising visible minority lawyers in the GTA. While 6.6 per cent of partners at the biggest law firms are visible minorities, 8.3 per cent of judges are visible minorities.

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