DiverseCity Counts 7

Public Opinion on Diverse GTA Leadership: Research Findings and the Path Forward

DiverseCity contracted Nanos Research to conduct a first-time public opinion poll of residents in municipalities across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) on the topic of diversity in leadership.

Visible minorities make up almost 50% of the GTA’s population. But that number is not reflected in the rooms where authority gathers and decisions are made. Only 14% of GTA’s leaders are from visible minority or immigrant groups. This is a missed opportunity for our city region.

GTA residents don’t like the diversity gap in leadership.

43% of survey respondents said that there was not enough representation of visible minorities and under-represented immigrant groups in the GTA’s leadership. But when prompted with the facts – that only 14% of leadership is reflective of the diversity in the population – the number of respondents jumped to 61%.

Residents want to see more balanced representation by population. And they want to see it not only because it is “right”, but also because they feel that equal representation will move the GTA toward becoming a “world-class city” – defined as a centre of culture that has a well-represented multicultural community.