Unconscious Bias and the Board

This course demonstrates the impacts of unconscious bias, provides strategies to recognize bias in individuals and leadership group settings, and provides best practices to create and sustain an inclusive board and organizational culture.


Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and understand the impact of unconscious bias on individuals in everyday interactions
  • Notice how unconscious bias can impede the effectiveness of board members and the role of the board
  • Understand and address the consequences of unconscious bias on board performance
  • Know what proactive steps and practices to take to minimize unconscious bias in decision-making
  • What unconscious bias might look like in a board context
  • Impact of unconscious bias on board effectiveness and performance
  • Strategies and practices to overcome and avoid unconscious bias as a board and board member

Course Type:
3 accessible and self-paced online modules
Completion time:
2-3 hours
No previous governance training required; suitable for emerging and experienced board directors and senior leaders
Ongoing, register anytime, from anywhere
Available in English only.


  • Course: Embedding Diversity and Inclusion into an Organization
  • Ongoing access to supplementary online governance training webinars

Important Notice

Please note that onBoard Canada’s learning management system will be under construction during a transition period from October 31, 2019 - January 2020, inclusively. We strongly recommend that you complete the course modules and course completion exercise by October 15, 2019. Otherwise, you will need to wait until 2020 to begin and complete the course. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list for updates on these developments. Thank you!





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This course was developed by onBoard Canada in partnership with Hamlin Grange, President and Principal Consultant of DiversiPro

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